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E-Mail Marketing & Multi-Channel Dialog Marketing for all Requirements


Automatic Execution

Personal e-mails automatically for a birthday or welcome new customers with reference to the newly purchased product? With Uniique-campaign no problem.

Newsletter & E-Mail Software

With uniique-campaign your E-Mails can be sent easily and securely via your own PC or your own infrastructure.

Enterprise Edition

Integration of corporate data, all channels, all feedback channels and scale-out performance! Together with the integrated contact history you always reach the right target groups right in time.


Meaningfull reports and options for customizing and real time measuring. All included!

Professional Edition

More channels, more integrated information, more professional features and support by marketing specialists.

Good reasons for using uniique-campaign


Ready to use

Quickly to install and thanks to the provided standard data model as well as the field-proven templates covering all relevant tasks, the first campaign will be ready to be delivered within a few minutes


Scalable with your demands

Occasional newsletters or enterprise dialog marketing with millions of recipients per day – uniique-campaign grows with your Needs.


Best Price

Start with many functions and no follow up costs for campaigns. Marketing professionals pay only for more sophisticated features if they are required.


Event Control

Optional control via online-shop, CRM-system or existing on-site applications for event-driven campaign execution.



Communication across all contact channels enables you to reach out to your contacts in a more target-oriented way – the success of your campaigns will increase.


Easy to Use

All functions and features of campaigns are accessible intuitively. Optionally, features of proven and tested campaigns can be re-used.


Analysis and Reporting

Integrated, adaptable reports with modern design as well as measurements in real-time show your conversion rates, click rates, opened rates and a lot more.



Load contacts easily and automatically into uniique-campaign or access existing data and CRM systems directly

Newsletter and E-Mail unlimited

Modern E-Mail Editor, Templates, and Re-Use of Elements

Create your newsletter or e-mail content completely with uniique-campaign or just import existing newsletter templates. Immediately when inserting content, the e-mail HTML editor shows the final presentation. Thus, even unexperienced users will be enabled to develop e-mails in an appealing format or adapt templates to the corporate design and current content. A comprehensive selection of tools is provided. Test functions make sure that e-mails arrive at the recipient in the desired format. Of course, e-mails can also be set up in text format and attachments can be included. Functionalities are provided for tracking read or opened e-mails or clicked links that are included as well a functions for Opt-Out or cancelling newsletter subscription – whatever is required for modern e-mail marketing. Once e-mails, newsletters or campaigns are set up, they can be re-used at any time.

Personalized E-Mails and Management of Preferences

When working on an e-mail, any available data can be selected in order to personalize it. With uniique-campaign master file data of customers can be easily stored with data from their purchase history, activities, memberships etc. Thus, you can address the customer with the right offer/product or manage other cases of individualized e-mails. Additionally, uniique-campaign offers automatic registration processes for subscription, unsubscription, and changing preferences, e.g. the desired range of topics for newsletters or change of contact data. With uniique-campaign you can. Continuously enrich information about your contacts throughout your communication and the resulting feedback. information gained can be re-used immediately in order to take your customer‘s needs into account.

Rules / Rule Engine

By using uniique-campaign you can always determine the right addressees for each target group and campaign size. Within a campaign it is possible to define different newsletters or e-mails for different recipient groups. In addition, there are functions for A/B and multivariate tests, minimum amounts, and intersecting sets in order to further devide the recipient groups and address them with the right e-mail content. Inside the e-mail, rules can be defined, so that any further personalization`s and invidualization`s can be dealt with. For example the language used in an e-mail can be selected according to the nationality, the offer of the months can reflect the last purchased product or the graphics used in a newsletter can be chosen accourding to the recipients gender. The potential is almost unlimited.

Automatic and Time-Controlled E-Mails

With automatic campaigns your communication becomes professional. New customers can be welcomed automatically and promptly, pointed to new products or be reminded of events, e.g. trade shows or software updates. In the future, you won’t forget birthday or anniversary greetings. A variety of features is available for time-controlled e-mails in order to exclude holidays or weekends, not to miss the account current at the beginning of a month, or just to send out a newsletter at a predefined point in time.

Cost-Free, Independent and Optimized E-Mail Distribution

Save yourself paying online e-mail providers who tell you that certificates and big service providers are required in order to reach a high quality when sending out e-mails – very often just the opposite is the case because using big providers means you may have to deal with problems caused by other customers of them. No e-mailbox provider likes it when 50 newsletter e-mails per second coming from the same sender have to be delivered.
With uniique-campaign, e-mails can optionally be sent out via existing e-mail accounts or systems (also many in parallel). Our experience in delivering uncountable big e-mail campaigns made us implementing easy to use features for optimizing e-mail campaigns. If required, the temporal delay between two e-mails for specific ISP’s or e-mailbox providers like googlemail or gmx can be spcified in the settings. Thereby, spam classifications are reduced massively and the success of campaigns increases. In addition, the flexibilty increases significantly and automatic campaigns even make sense when dealing with small groups of recipients.




Marketing Power by Automatic Multi-Channel and Multi-Step Campaigns

Modern dialog marketing considers customers and prospects in a holistic way. It uses different communication channels in order to address the recipients according to predefined criteria like urgency, priority, availability, and preferences. Uniique-campaign provides a variety of functions so that recipients can be reached at the right time over the right channel.

Multi-Step and Multi-Channel for a Positive Customer Journey

Multi-step or waterfall campaigns are campaigns where recipients are led to best possible success according to the feedback and planned activities. A typical example is sending out information about events with deferred reminders. Other fields of operation lie in the combination of sending out a catalog and an offer by e-mail with a reference to that cataloq or sending out a product along with an e-mail asking for an assessment. Uniique-campaign is able to deal with all these combinations, makes it easy to use them and supports the automization of multi-step and multi-channel campaign.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Not every customer or prospect reads his e-mails in time or can be reached via e-mail channel. Valuable customers and products need anyway a contact strategy that is tailored to their personal needs and topics they are interested in. Uniique-campaign offers a comprehensive set of functions for SMS, MMS, mail merge with Office software, phone and call center as well as printing lines, list output for external use and interfaces to third prty providers (letter shops, e-mail service etc.).

Automatic Execution

Integrated functions facilitate the controlling of campaigns according to existing marketing concepts. Thus, target groups for specific channels can easily be defined and adapted. It is also easy to specify when specific tasks of a campaign have to be executed. In addition, holidays, weekends or other days and times can be excluded from automatic execution or can be explicitly selected for automatic execution. Naturally, campaigns can also be periodically executed. Thus, new customers are welcomed immediately and newsletters are even sent out during the night with current data – almost magically.


Data Integration and Data Administration

The effort for data integration and administration is a big hurdle for many companies and makes it difficult to implement target-oriented communication strategies. In uniique-campaign all different types of information can be integrated easily and automatically. That makes our customers independent and let them focusing resources on dialog marketing tasks. By the optional use of existing data warehouses, uniique-campaign can be integrated completely in almost every system infrastructure.

Integrated Data Model

Uniique-campaign comes with a standard data model. This standard model already allows for storing and administrating master file data of customers, prospects, partners etc. in one central location. Therefor, uniique-campaign uses the popular database MySQL but it also supports other data bases like Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL etc.
The standard data model has been developed based on our experiences in dialog marketing. Besides master file data, it also offers to add individual enhancements like membership numbers, discount groups, and preferences. In addition, revenues, purchase data, offer details can be stored and can be included directly in selections for campaigns or when personalizing messages. Modifications or adaptions of the standard model are not necessary for the typical use case. It can be used immediately.

Database and DWH Integration

One outstanding feature of uniique-campaign is the optional, direct integration of existing data management systems. Uniique-campaign supports the integration by providing user-friendly functions used to select tables and link them to the required business logic. If required, user-friendly naming and descriptions of content or individual translations for international use cases can be added. Additionally, calculations of new values relevant for marketing (e.g. age calculated from birthday) can be defined and then arbitrarily be used in campaigns.
That way complex, existing systems like CRM, Call-Center or ERP can be integrated easily and efficiently and can be enhanced with campaign management.

Data Management

For the purpose of data management, uniique-campaign also offers easy to use functions that support all reasonable processes related to data integration of existing systems and lists. A specific data loader is able to import data in a variety of formats into uniique-campaign. Naturally, this can be performed automatically as well as prior or even during campaign execution whereby existing data can be updated, overwritten or only be enhanced.
For further data processing, almost all kind of tasks can be defined, e.g. tasks that take care of a uniform spelling in e-mails, calculate and mark top customers, delete aged data or even do modifications in existing Systems.





 Aussagekräftiges Kampagnen Reporting





Interaktive Berichte im Kampagnen Reporting


Interactive Reports and Analyses in Real-Time

Uniique-campaign comes with comprehensive reporting features in order to support users with result measurements of campaigns and marketing activities. User-friendly standard reports can be adapted easily by filtering time periods, specific campaigns or activities. Tables can be sorted and filtered according to the current needs and can also be downloaded e.g. in Excel format. Diagrams and charts are interactive to a large extent and allow for opening campaigns directly from the table, showing and hiding details, selecting presentation formats (bars, areas, etc.) and aggregation levels (week, month, etc.). They can be downloaded in four different formats (also scalable with svg) and can be used in Office documents or can be printed out.

Activities and Campaign Monitor

The monitor shows all relevant status information in real-time at the first glance. For example users can see the performance of e-mail delivery and how many campaigns are currently executed as well as campaigns waiting for user interaction. That way, users always have a detailed overview of the status of their system.
During campaign execution, success and quality (openings, bounces, clicks etc.) can be monitored in real-time, so that in certain circumstances a campaign can be stopped and adapted.


Real-Time Monitoring e-mail Success

Interactive Reports

Reports in uniique-campaign are divided in segments. These segments contain concerted tables, diagrams, and charts which refer to the appropriate information of the segments. Typical segments are cost & budget, activities (campaigns in general), system (data management), e-mail, performance and a calendar containing all activities. Most of the reports are interactive, tables can be downloaded for further analysis or the generation of proprietary reports.

Individual Reports

For the purpose of result measurement in marketing or for generating processing records, users can create and design individual reports. These reports can be saved on the system or the local PC, so that they can be re-used or modified whenever required. A variety of additional elements can be included in these reports. Typical elements are campaign codes, advertising group codes and target group codes which are referring to specific campaign activities. Size and format of diagrams are arbitrary. Included standard functions calculate delivery statistics and conversion rates. Delivered e-mails can be included if required. Based on individual reports, appealing and re-usable reports can be created. These reports can be previewed for an ad hoc analysis. They can also be forwarded to a specific group of people or printed out.



24x7 Online and Opt-Out Management inclusive

One of the innovations of uniique-campaign is the so called UCI (universal communication interface). Uniique-UCI provides online images included in e-mails, forms, and landing pages of campaigns. Uniique-UCI monitors if recipients of campaigns have opened their e-mails, which links have been clicked or who has unsubscribed. Data transferred automatically via a secure connection and is integrated into the success analysis and contact history of uniique-campaign.

So, in terms of a 360° dialog, all reactions are available for further processing in reports or further campaigns thus enabling target-oriented follow-up campaigns and preventing unsubscriptions from being disregarded.

Uniique-UCI including the features described above is part of the cost-free edition of uniique-campaign. Companies that do not have a server where uniique-UCI can be installed, are offered to rent a managed service for uniique-UCI from Uniique AG.


Feature Overview

  • No technical skills required. Examples:
    • Click on local images and upload.
    • Select image from uniique-UCI for usage in e-mails and documents
  • Provision of files like images, HTML files (forms, landing pages) and documents that can be accessed on the Internet.
  • Direct interaction with uniique-campaign in order to manage and use the above mentioned files in e-mails or forms.
  • Tracking of opened e-mails.
  • Link tracking and forwarding to target site.
  • Support of opt-out process (unsubcription from e-mail distribution list)
  • Provision of unsubscription form and opt-out link in the e-mail.
  • Automatic verification whether recipient is already unsubscribed from e-mial distribution lists.
  • Confirmation and failure messages in forms and landing pages.
  • Transfer of unsubscriptions into uniique-campaign‘s blacklist.
  • Any number of landing pages like special flyers for products, events, or notifications.
  • Landing pages can be created and edited with uniique-campaign.
  • Landing pages can be equipped with tracking elements

Optionally (depending on the uniique-campaign edition), existing web sites, shops and applications can access uniique-UCI in order to measure events or start automatic communication processes. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Technology uniique-UCI

Uniique-UCI is a compact software based on Java, thus it can be installed almost on every server. Uniique-UCI can also be installed on an existing system or web server (e.g. company web site) without interfering with running applications. The only requirement is that the server can be reached from the internet. From outside uniique-UCI behaves like a normal web server. Uniique-campaign sets up a secured channel to uniique-UCI in order to transfer data in either direction. Uniique-UCI can not be interrogated by other applications because of the strong authentication mechanism. Uniique-UCI is extremely scalable and performant. It is able to manage many thousands of communication processes within a few seconds.

Multi-Step und Responsive Kampagnen

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