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Professional Dialog

360° Communication in personal dialog

A comprehensive customer communication strategy in modern companies comprises the integration of inbound and outbound personal dialogs in sales and service centers into holistic communication processes. Uniique-dialog integrates personal communication with customers, prospects, members etc. seamlessly in a comprehensive communication strategy and dialog marketing.

Uniique-dialog supports the dialog with contacts in all communication scenarios. Uniique-dialog provides optimum support to small sales and service teams as well as to large call centers. Professional call centers are supported by professional functions like ACD (automatic call distribution), client profiles, availability planning, follow ups etc. as well as a high system availability and scalability. Functions like CTI integration and standard processes for data integration are provided for smaller use cases and virtual call centers.

Uniique-dialog’s modern user interface is intuitive and can be simplified by adjusting the settings according to a team’s or a single user’s tasks. Purpose and conduct of interviews as well as contact strategies can be configured separately for clients and teams. Thus, teams of different sizes and with different tasks can use uniique-dialog in parallel (e.g. sales and support or different customers).

Uniique-dialog comes with modern reporting features that provide authorized users with system states, load and availability scenarios in real-time as well as relevant forecasts for planning purposes. Additionally, individual reports can be generated on a regular basis.




Integration of Business and Communication Processes

Modern companies consider communication with their customers and prospects holistically and use different communication channels in order o control customer and prospect contacts according to their urgency, quality, availability, or preferences. Uniique’s products offer a variety of useful functions allowing for reaching addressees at the right time over the right channel.

Uniique-dialog works seamingless with uniique-campaign. Thus, multi-step or dialog-oriented campaigns can be planned and initiated in uniique-campaign and the calls can then be made in unique-dialog (call lists – outbound). Inbound calls can lead directly to tasks that are executed by uniique-campaign. Examples are:

  • Standard communication and enhances communication according to defined rules like personalized confirmations of agreements via e-mail or serial letter
  • Automatic, multi-step campaigns with call lists for AA customers with indicators for customer defection like unsettled service inquiries or complains
  • Increase of customer value by incentives like vouchers or activation of services
  • Follow-up by automatic reminders for example for voucher redeeming
  • Service offers or discounts in order to make offers successful
  • Automatic generation of personalized brochures
  • Automatic integration of vouchers in online-shops
  • Individual actions considering purchase and service history by automatic integration of that? information

Potential use cases are numerous. Depending on the usage of optional Uniique products, an integration of existing applications and data bases is possible.


Please contact us if you have further questions related to details of potential use cases.