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Professional Edition


The Professional Edition is the modular start into the world of professional and company-wide communication and use of all dialog marketing channels. The Professional Edition scales with your future demands. The Professional Edition provides all relevant functions for multi-channel campaigns and short cycles when executing automatically. Supplementary modules can be licensed at any time and allow for a seamless finishing of your personal Enterprise Edition.

Price: The Professional Edition is available as perpetual or subscribtion license. As well as online service (SaaS) of Uniique. Additional you can choose optional modules. If you are interested, we will provide you quickly with an individual offer based on your prefered setup. Please contact us.


Included in Professional Edition

Operating systems: Windows and Linux

Scalability / workload balancing over several servers

at extra charge

Cost planning: basic version budget, comparison of planned and actual costs and reporting

Database support: MySQL (standard)

Database support: MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, InfiniDB

at extra charge

Customizable data models and direct integration in your own DWH and databases as well as in databases of 3rd party software

Multi-client capability (additional departments or companies for SaaS solutions or service provider)

at extra charge

User management: number of users (license for additional users available at extra ccharge)


Rights management for user groups

Rights management for user roles and single user

Parallel campaign execution

Maximum number of recipients per campaign (inbound quantity of target groups)


License for additional recipients per campaign

at extra charge

Maximum number of sent e-mails/h (approx.)
(License for performance kit / higher number of e-mails/h available at extra charge)


Regional and seasonal assignment of campaigns

Freely definable recipients and groups for testing of e-mail delivery (web service, Marketing-Team, etc.)

Optional classification and business roles of recipients (customer, partner, decision-makers, managing director, etc.)

Freely definable advertising goals (products, websites, etc.)

Freely definable advertising material and distribution channels

Cascading and freely definable target groups for campaigns (e.g. all, gender, age group, product preference, etc.)
(License for additional target groups availabe at extra charge)


Support for test and control groups across multiple campaigns and time periods. Also optional settings possible during campaign execution related to current volumes


Status monitor and a variety of reports and diagrams w.r.t. campaign execution and success; campaign progress in real-time (e-mail)

Dynamic, adjustable reports for campaigns and time periods

Export of tables and selections as file and in Excel Format

E-Mail Campaigns / Newsletter

Sending emails in HTML- or text format via your own e-mail account

Optimized e-mail delivery according to recipients's Provider

Personalized e-mails (salutation or arbitrary values extracted from database or enhanced list e.g. products)

E-mail tracking (when e-mail were opened, which link was clicked and when?) and saving for reusing them in follow-up campaigns. This function requires a website (landing page) or a service provided by Uniique AG

Tracking of undelivered e-mails (bounces) and storing them in integrated bounce lists (for optional exclusion from follow-up campaigns)

Statistics on send, bounce, and tracking events

E-mail attachments

HTML-editor for e-mail or newsletter

Import, re-use and template management of e-mail formats

E-mail configuration (adjustable presettings for e-mail-providers, bounces, tracker)


Integrated check of duplicate E-mailaddresses

Opt-out support (unsubcription newsletter / generation of blacklist) incl. HTML-form templates.This function requires a web server (landing page) or a service provided by Uniique AG

Opt-in support (also double opt-in / safe registration for newsletter) including HTML templates. This function requires a web server (landing page) or a service provided by Uniique AG

Definition of execution periods and/or number of campaign repetitions, incl. optional de-duplication

Automatic periodic execution (e.g.. welcoming new customers): intervals: daily, weekly, monthly

Automatic periodic execution: intervals: hourly, every minute

Fixed dates when automated campaigns should be excecuted or not (public holidays, reminder, etc.)

Rule editor for defining rules allowing for adjustments of personalized content of E-mails

Data Management

Import and export of files (ad-hoc upload, output file)

Freely definable of file formats for data import/export (personalized output lists for serial letters, letter-shop, etc.)

Contact history (optional storing of any single contact events like bounces, tracking events, etc.)

no limit

Unlimited number of addresses and values (data records) in campaign database

Automatic data processing (import/export)

Incremental data processing (updating and enhancing existing data)

Enhancing external data during a campaign and mapping via key value (e.g. current prospect list and mapping of e-mail address)

at extra charge

Direct and automatic data processing from other systems (access to external database)

at extra charge

Integrated clearing up of aged or temporary data

Further Channels / Functions

Mail merge, labels etc with MS Office

SMS channel: sending short message of type SMS via provider or hardware

MMS channel: sending dispatch short message of type MMS via provider or hardware

Printer service channel: administration and issuance of personalized text modules or hand-over to service unit

Personalized vouchers (by list or direct supply for your e-shop)

at extra charge

Duplicate check, interface to external software (e.g. Uniserv)

at extra charge

Media volume, prioritization of issuance upon number of media editions

at extra charge

Enhancing telephone numbers (interface telephone directory, CD)

at extra charge

Call center integration (interface to particular call center applications)

at extra charge

Data mining interface (integration of external tools like R, SAS or individual adaption if required)

at extra charge

Cut off functionality during campaigns (selection: intersections between target groups)

Dynamic enhancement of values during execution of a campaign (e.g. revenue from database or list)

at extra charge


Support and Software Maintenance

We offer free support for our products in our customer forum. Additional support via e-mail or personal by phone will be available by charge. Software maintenance agreements are available for the professional and enterprise editions as well. Maintenance agreements including ongoing free updates and and professional support for issues of using and system incidents. More details you will find on the site Support & Maintenance.


*Our offer is exclusively geared towards companies, commercial users, public authorities, and recognized organizations. For our German customers, all prices are net of value added tax. We reserve the right to reject license agreements and software delivery. 

Support & Maintenance

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