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Services for Dialog Marketing

First-class services, high availability with strong service level agreements, secure data management and transparent cost.


Uniique’s team brings in excellent know how in dialog marketing along with long-lasting experience in the efficient implementation of customer requirements as well as in the successful operation of solutions.

You decide whether you want us to provide you with software for campaign management, e-mail delivery and tracking, and which of the optional services of Uniique AG you want to use. We also offer to support you with executing and monitoring your larger campaigns. This will go easy on your budget and you stay flexible at any time.

Our server are housed in a certified data center that complies with the highest security standards - proven security that is also trusted by our customers from the financial sector.

We offer dedicated servers that are only used by your company or a shared infrastructure for example with virtual machines or fast SMTP servers for the delivery of several thousand e-mails per hour.



Advantages of Uniique-Services at a glance:
  • Individual provisioning rather than typical cloud services
  • Your data is secure and completely separated from others
  • All services are optional and will be provided on demand
  • Online-Services can communicate with local installation


uniique-campaign online

For our customers who do not want to run unique-campaign on their own systems, we offer unique-campaign as an online-service. The deployment will be in accordance with individual security policies and use cases either on virtual or on individual servers. In any case, data of different customers is secure and completely segregated from each other. On demand, these systems can be managed and maintained by Uniique AG.

This offer differs from typical cloud services in the individual provisioning of the solution along with highest data protection and tailored services. From this point, it is comparable to an in-house solution.

Please contact us if you have further questions or if you need an indicative offer for a custom solution.


SMTP-Service and Mailboxes for E-Mail Transmission

We provide our customers with various options regarding e-mail transmission. These solutions can be easily combined with on-site unique-campaign installations. According to your needs, you can get access to powerful SMTP servers or individual server solutions with multiple SMTP servers that allow for sending out more than 1 million e-mails a day. If wished, the solution can be managed and maintained by Uniique AG. Additionally, we will be pleased to help you with all questions related to the optimization of e-mail delivery.

For sending out only a few thousand e-mails a day, you usually do not need the above describe solutions because unique-campaign optimizes e-mail delivery with existing mail boxes and SMTP servers thereby avoiding risks related to system load and spam classification. Especially, standard and regular communication can be performed this way without an external SMTP service. That is why many customers are using the external service in combination with their existing systems. In unique-campaign you can simply select for each campaign whether you want to use an internal or an external service.

This offer differs from typical cloud services by individual provisioning with direct and secure system access. You do not need to upload lists or templates to a system. Uniique-campaign’s high-quality e-mail delivery can be initiated at any time and without any effort.


Questions?Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or if you need an indicative offer for a custom solution.


Uniique-Campaign: Pricing Overview Hosting / SaaS Services*
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition

Online provisioning of uniique-campaign on a dedicated or virtual server (separate installation)

Upon request - volume and term dependent

 Upon request - volume and term dependent

Online provisioning of UCI
Upload and online providing of Images, unsubscribe  Form and Functions, online Version of E-Mails, own Websites or Landing Pages incl. tracking module
(included in uniique-campaign online)

from 40 €

(100 MB Diskspace, 100.000 Events /month )

form 40 €

(100 MB Diskspace, 100.000 Events /month )

Effective e-mail mailbox for bounce management and feedback
(included in uniique-campaign online)

20 €

20 €

SMTP server access for e-mail and newsletter distribution (price is per 10 e-mail campaigns according to the license of the Edition / month; included in uniique-campaign online)

from 30 €

from 30 €

Dedicated SMTP server for exclusive use

from 60 €

from 60 €

Execution and monitoring of campaigns by experts

Custom service packages upon request Custom service packages upon request

Support Mon.-Frid. 9am to 5pm via online ticket system with SLA

Personal support Mon.-Frid. 9am-5pm by phone and e-mail

Custom service packages upon request

Support 24x7 (continuous support)

Extra charge service Package

Support by marketing experts

Custom service packages upon request


*All prices are monthly subscription fees with a minimum term of 12 months. For our German customers, all prices are net of value added tax. Our offer is exclusively geared towards companies, commercial users, public authorities, and recognized organizations.en

Support & Maintenance

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