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Management der Uniique AG


Christian Niemann

Chief Executive Officer

Christian Niemann founded Uniique in 2009 and serves Uniique as Chief Executive Officer since then, leading the company to provide best-in-class service to its 150 global customers and drive product innovation. 
Prior to Uniique Christian Niemann spent 7 successful years with SAND Technology, an international Software vendor, as Managing Director and Vice President Business Development für Central Europe and France. Before that he worked at manufacturers, consulting companies and media companies in different positions like Managing Director and others.
Christian Nieman has more than 20 years of experience in international projects in areas like Business Development, Marketing, Business Intelligence and Data- and Information Technology. He mainly worked with the DAX/Fortune500 companies and gained extensive knowledge in verticals like Retail, Finance, Telecommunications, Internet, Energy and Pharma.

Dr. Sabine Kockskämper

Chief Technical Officer

Sabine Kockskämper joined Uniique in 2013 and serves Uniique as a Chief Technology Officer since then, heading the product development, the support and the services team of Uniique.

Sabine Kockskämper has more than 20 years of experience in Software development, Product Management, Professional Services and Managed Services.
Prior to Uniique Sabine Kockskämper was several years a member oft he management team of TC TrustCenter (now Symantec) and other associated companies like Betrusted, Cybertrust and ChosenSecurity where she headed the international development and product management teams. She joined TC TrustCenter coming from Mikroelektronik Anwendungszentrum Hamburg (MAZ) where she started and headed the business division „Trust & Identity“. She started her career in research and project management for national and international projects at the Artificial Intelligence laboratory of the Hamburg University.

Gerhard Maier

Vice President Sales 

Gerhard Maier joined Uniique in 2014 and serves as Vice President Sales since then heading the worldwide sales team and the partner development team. 

He works in sales of complex software solutions for more than 20 years with more than 15 years in management positions.
Prior to Uniique Gerhard Maier was responsible for Aptean´s sales team in DACH and BeNeLux. He joined Aptean, a US headquartered Software vendor, from the German Software vendor iBrams where he headed the worldwide Sales and Marketing team as VP Sales & Marketing. Before that he launched successfully US-American companies into the DACH region.
Gerhard Maier gained extensive knowledge in verticals like Retail, E-Commerce, Telecommunications, Finance, Discrete Manufacturing and Automotive. He worked with Fortune500 companies as well as Start-Ups.